The Pleasure of Food and Sex


What do oysters, strawberries & champagne, and chocolate all have in common?


That's right - this is not a workshop on aphrodisiacs and the usual bla bla stuff you read in magazines. It is a workshop that combines two very important aspects of healthy, happy and sexy living: food and sex! Because what you put in you matters ;) (aha - excuse the pun)

Come join us & discover:

Practical & easy ways to deepen your experience with pleasure through food & sex

Myths and truths about aphrodisiacs

How to heighten your libido with food (and sex)

New joys of owning your body

What you get:

A fun filled, intimate evening with a great tribe of women

Yummy and healthy treats and refreshment

Easy to implement take home actions to end the year with a 'bang'

Forget the fiction. Embrace the Pleasure.

Spots are limited. Get yours now!


About the Facilitators | Erin Chen : Lila Sutra & Caoimhe Smyth : Fit Green Lean

Erin Chen ~ Lila Sutra

Erin Chen is the founder and chief maven of Lila Sutra, a female and couple-friendly sexual wellness company leading the disruption of sexual taboos in Singapore and providing a fresh space for dialogue around healthy, happy and sexy living for adults.

Her workshops (or Lila Socials, as they're called) have been booked by women across age groups and both locals and expats alike. Her dream is for her future children to grow up in a world where sex, intimacy, pleasure and orgasms are accessible and topics of joy. She also hosts weekly live Lila Talks where she answers common questions from her socials or anonymous questions submitted.

W : LilaSutra.co

Insta : @lilasutra

FB: @divineloveandplay

Caoimhe Smyth ~ Fit Green Lean

Fit Green Lean are Nutrition & Wellness Consultancy with a difference.

Here are FGL we take a holistic approach to your health & wellness. Our focus is on encouraging your entire body to reach it’s optimal health & performance through the intelligent use of food, movement, lifestyle choices and complementary therapies.

Food is Medicine so we make it vibrant and most of all effective!

We help you plan and implement healthier and easier ways of using food & lifestyle techniques to reach your specific goals. Every client, whether an individual, athlete, family or corporation, has unique needs and we tailor everything specifically to their one of a kind objectives.

Intelligent & tailored nutrition & wellness planning is what it’s all about and our end goal is the same as yours. We want you feel on top your game, to connect to your natural healing processes and to find the joy that comes from living your ideal life in your ideal body!

W: FitGreenLean.com

Insta : @fitgreenlean_nutrition

FB : @fitgreenlean

Wed Dec 7, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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The Hive, 59 New Bridge Road
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The Hive, 59 New Bridge Road Singapore
Entrance is on Hong Kong St
Fit Green Lean | Energising Nutrition & Wellness Collaborative